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Our Booker's Dozen Deal

Folks love our "Booker's Dozen" deal - buy any 12 books and the 13th is free! (see store for details).

We've Got Gift Cards - We Even Take Phone Orders!

Gift Cards Give Double Their Value At Gently Used Books!

Many people have told us they love our gift cards - when you consider that our books are all half price or less, our gift cards are gifts that give DOUBLE their value! When you don't know what to give that reader friend of yours, the best answer may be a Gift Card from Gently USED BOOKS!

Here's an idea for you "out-of-the-area" friends and loved ones who are searching for the "perfect" gift for a special someone who lives in our area: we even take phone orders for gift cards! Just call the store during our normal business hours, tell us how much you want to spend, and tell us who you want to give the gift card to (name, phone number and email address). Have your credit card ready when you call, and as soon as the transaction is processed, we'll call the lucky person and tell them to stop in at Gently Used Books to get the gift card you have just purchased for them!

We Trade Books - Bring Your Books For Trade Credit!

We are happy to give trade credit or allowances against future book purchases, but we ask that you please remember that any book we accept in trade must be in what we feel is good, saleable condition (not worn, torn, dusty, wrinkled, water-soaked or yellowed, etc). A good test to determine if a book meets our requirement of being in good, saleable condition is to ask yourself, "Would I want to buy a book in this condition?" Books that are not in good, saleable condition should be taken to one of the many recycling centers in the area.

We guarantee that we will take in trade any paperback marked with our price stamp (as long as it is in good, saleable condition). All other trades must be titles we feel we can sell, and we must have less than three copies currently in stock. Paperbacks you trade are worth 25% of the original cover price against future purchases. You may use trade credit or allowances for up to 50% of book purchases.

Because of the large volume of books coming in on a daily basis, we can't promise to issue trade credit or allowances while you wait. If we are too busy to process the books you would like to trade when you bring them into the store, we will take your information and you may leave the books with us, and we will evaluate your books as soon as we are able. We will then apply any Trade Credit to your account so that you may use it the next time you shop at Gently USED BOOKS.

If you leave books for us to determine their trade credit value, we cannot promise to return any books that we are unable to accept in trade. We have a very limited amount of storage space, and any books that we cannot accept for trade will be donated to local libraries, prisons, churches and community non-profits.

Any trade credit earned from May 1, 2013 forward shall be forfeited upon two (2) years of trade account inactivity (either increasing or decreasing account value).

Did You Know You Can "Gift" Our Trade Credit?

Have more trade credit at Gently Used Books than you think you'll ever be able to use yourself? Here's an idea: "gift" it to a friend or relative! Yes, you can "gift" all or a portion of any trade credit you have - just stop in the store and we'll be happy to make those arrangements for you. Then you can tell your friend or relative that when they come in to buy books, they can apply that trade credit for up to half of the cost of the books they are purchasing! That means they will be able to stretch their book-buying dollars even farther, because all of our books are "HALF PRICE or less EVERY DAY!"

Give Your Trade Credit To A Teacher!

Several of our generous customers have combined their excess trade credit to establish a "Teacher's Trade Credit Account" for teachers who are buying books for their classrooms at their own expense and who may not have any credit of their own to use. We have made the "Teacher's Trade Credit Account" available to make contributions to any time you wish if you have excess credit yourself and wish to make donations to it from your trade credit account.

If you are a teacher who is purchasing books for your classroom and wish to use some of these credit funds, just let us know at the time of purchase. This will be honored as long as funds are available.

Give Your Trade Credit To Operation Paperback!

Just as we have a Teacher's Trade Credit Account, we have also established a trade credit account for Operation Paperback (the organization that ships books to our troops). We already collect cash donations for Operation Paperback, and they have asked to purchase specific titles from our store from the funds which have been donated through our store. By establishing a trade credit account for Operation Paperback as well, we can make the donation dollars go even farther and send them the specific books that they have requested. Just let us know if you are interested in donating any of your excess trade credit to our Operation Paperback Trade Credit Account - it's a great way to say "THANKS!" to our troops.

If you would like to help, just let us know - you can donate all or part of your unused trade credit to our Operation Paperback Trade Credit Account - it's a great way to say "THANKS!" to our troops.

10% Off Coupon For New Customers

If you've never shopped at Gently Used Books in the Douglassville Shopping Center, we extend this special "encouragement" to visit our store: a "10% Off for New Customers" coupon, valid on any book purchase.

PS:  If you're already a customer of Gently Used Books, it's OK with us if you "tell a friend" by printing the "New Customer 10% Off" coupon and giving it to them!

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