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Another "Thank You" From Operation Paperback!

On February 2, 2013, Christina Honeywell of Operation Paperback sent this note to us:
"Wow, Gently Used Books, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all that you do!"

We're Honored And Thanked By Operation Paperback!

On May 3, 2011, we received a Certificate of Appreciation from Operation Paperback - we framed it and hung it next to the register. Here's what it says:

Certificate of Appreciation - to the amazing customers and staff of Gently Used Books, Douglassville, PA

Thank you for your support of the Armed Forces of the United States of America through your participation in the mission of Operation Paperback.

[signed] Christina Honeywell, Operation Paperback - "Recycled Reading for Our Troops"

Our reply: "This was a result of all of the generous monetary donations as well as the many donations into the trade credit account which has allowed for many more books to be sent to out troops. Thanks to everyone who has helped!"

A Message From Operation Paperback

On April 9, 2011, we got this email message from Andrea at Operation Paperback: "Gently Used Books, we cannot thank you and your customers enough! You're amazing!"

Operation Paperback: Books For Our Troops

Gently Used Books is a recognized partner of Operation Paperback

The next two paragraphs are quotes from the Operation Paperback website:

"Operation Paperback is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania that collects gently used books nationwide and sends them to American troops deployed overseas. Since 1999, we have shipped over 1.3 million books to locations around the globe."

"Our service members make sacrifices every day for our country. It takes so little to let them know that we appreciate what they are doing for us. When you donate to Operation Paperback, you will let our troops know that you support them, and you have not forgotten them."

We're An Official Partner Of Operation Paperback

In September 2008, Gently Used Books started collecting cash donations for "Operation Paperback" - we wanted to help Operation Paperback send paperback books to our troops stationed around the world. Because of the generous support of our customers, we have been able to send money each month to Operation Paperback.

Operation Paperback has recognized our participation by officially naming Gently Used Books as a Partner! We are in the first position on the "Corporate and Community Partners" page of their website, and that's quite an honor for our store and an awesome tribute to our wonderful customers!

Operation Paperback Trade Credit Account

In January 2011, we established a trade credit account for Operation Paperback - they had requested to purchase specific titles from our store from the funds which have been donated through our store. We thought that if some of our customers would designate all or part of their unused "trade credit" to Operation Paperback, we could make the actual cash donation dollars go even farther - and we would be able to send the specific books that Operation Paperback had requested. Since we started the Operation Paperback Trade Credit Account, many of our customers have helped out in this way, and we thank them for that!

If you would like to help, just let us know - you can donate all or part of your unused trade credit to our Operation Paperback Trade Credit Account - it's a great way to say "THANKS!" to our troops.

Operation Paperback News

We were recently blessed to have a customer here in the store who was a recipient of books from Operation Paperback! He was VERY thankful for the service they provide. He told us that service personnel in Iraq "need a place to escape to when you can't escape" and the books he received from Operation Paperback provided just that. He encouraged us to "keep up the good work!"

In July 2010, Operations Paperback sent us a list of books that had been specifically requested by a USMC unit. We had some of the books they were looking for, and we shipped them directly to the Marine unit that had requested them!

Would You Like To Help Operation Paperback?

Helping this fine organization to support our troops is easy - just place your cash donation in any amount in the in the bowl at the register. Or if you are trading in books, or if you have unused trade credit, and you would like to designate all or part of it to the Operation Paperback Trade Credit Account, just let us know. Thanks in advance for joining with us to support Operation Paperback, and for showing your appreciation for our troops!

You can learn more about Operation Paperback at their website.