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Over 100,000 Books In Our 5,000 Square Foot Store!

In This Issue:
Store Owner Mona DeWalt Plans Her Retirement,
But Gently Used Books Is Definitely NOT Closing

Search Begins For New Ownership For The Store

To My Wonderful Family of Friends at Gently Used Books

Mona DeWalt of Gently Used Books

Time marches on, and we have reached the stage in our lives when my husband Ken and I are seriously thinking about retiring in the very near future. I am writing to you today to reflect on where we've come from, and where we are today, and to tell you something about our plans.

Before we retire, our plan is to select a new owner of Gently Used Books who will have the same "heart" for reading that we do. The new ownership will provide you with the same warm and friendly environment and comfortable place to find great reading material at great prices.

When Will This Happen?

When we will actually retire: A few months from now? Six months from now? A year from now? In truth, only God knows the answer to that. We do not have a rigid timetable or schedule for our retirement, but we have started the process of finding a buyer for our store. It could be sooner rather than later, depending on when we select the person to whom we will entrust the next phase of our dream.

A Look Back - Where We Were, And How Far We've Come

Gently Used Books - Douglassville, PA

Thinking back, my desire from "Day 1" in 2005 was to make quality, gently used books readily available at great prices to avid readers. I had worked for one of the "chain" bookstores for many years, and I really felt a special bond with books and reading and "readers." There were other bookstores in the area, but I was convinced there was a better way, and Gently Used Books was born.

You may already know our history - we tell it on our Gently Used Books website. After years of dreaming and praying and preparation, we opened our doors in June of 2005 in a 900 square foot suite of first floor rooms in a small strip mall. The space limited us to an inventory of 25,000 books, which seemed like a lot at the time but is tiny compared to the Gently Used Books of today.

It seems like it only yesterday, but in 2007 we moved to a much larger 2,500 square foot store in the Douglassville Shopping Center next to Redner’s Market, and we quickly filled the new store with about 60,000 books. Then in 2009 we expanded, doubling in size to our current 5,000 square feet, and we grew our inventory to our current 100,000 plus books - almost all of them unique single titles.

We currently have 4 full time and 2 part time booksellers helping me realize my dream of offering great reading material at great prices to avid readers in a clean, well-organized, well-lit colorful and comfortable store.

We've come a long way from the day we first opened our doors!

A Look At Where We Are Today

The Gently Used Books of today is a "reader's store," not a rare or collectibles print store. Gently Used Books is a squeaky clean, bright, wide-aisled store. We're a 21st century used book store, from the Pandora music selections playing in every space to our computerized trade credit system. We are profitable, and we have a favorable lease and a wonderful relationship with our landlords, and of course we have a very loyal family of devoted customers who enjoy the products and services we provide.

How You Can Help Further Our Dream

If you or anyone you know might be interested in acquiring Gently Used Books and furthering our dream, please call me or my husband Ken, or use the "Contact Us" process on our Gently Used Books website. Our private phone numbers are:

610.207.0361 (Mona DeWalt)
610.223.8630 (Ken DeWalt)

Gently Used BOOKS
Douglassville Shopping Center
(next to Redner's Market)
Douglassville, PA 19518
Monday through Friday: 9am to 7pm
Saturday: 9am to 4pm
Phone: (610) 385-0766

Visit us on the web at

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