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The Gently Used Books Virtual Billboard

As most people know, we have several billboards alongside major highways in the tri-county area, including Route 100, on Route 422, on Route 562. And we have many, many smaller signs in the area - you can't drive very far without seeing a sign that says Gently Used Books - Douglassville, PA.

Well, now we have a Virtual Billboard on our website!

Our virtual billboard has random rotating quotes from famous people about books and reading - some are funny (like Groucho Marx's quote) and some are very thought-provoking (like Ray Bradbury). We even included one that we saw while stopped at a traffic light - it was on a bumper sticker on the car in front of us!

We also have a few messages about our Gently Used Books store in the rotation - store hours, special offers, etc.

Do you have a favorite quote about books or reading? If you have any suggestions or recommendations,we'd love to hear them - to submit a suggestion, just click on the link below.

Virtual Billboard Suggestion Form
"Virtual Billboard Suggestion Form"